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Welcome! Skinful Pleasures is a private practice, skin wellness and body care studio,

created to bring you high quality, by-appointment personal care. 

I'm Master Aesthetician Vee Kelsey-McKee. As your therapist, I customize each treatment for your skin and body type and condition, using advanced techniques and equipment. I'll
work with you toward your goals, from clearing acne or reducing signs of aging to getting rid of unwanted skin irregularities. I'll coach you on effective products and home care and answer your questions, in a unique and harmonious environment. Call now for a complimentary consultation. 


*HydraFacial MD (HydraFacial Specialist)
*DermaSound Elite Ultrasonic Skin Services 
*Skin Classic treatment of minor irregularities

Erase Spots, Bumps, spider Veins, Skin Tags, and More From Face, Neck, Decollete, Back, Hands

$90 preparation and first 15 min of thermolysis, $40 each additional 15 min

Erase Spots, Bumps, spider Veins, Skin Tags, and More From Face, Neck, Decollete, Back, Hands $90 preparation and first 15 min of thermolysis, $40 each additional 15 min

Are you tired of flat and raised brown spots, spider veins, cherry angiomas, skin tags, bumpy enlarged oil glands, milia, or stubborn pimples? They can be treated safely and non-invasively with a Skin Classic thermolysis treatment. (Does not treat warts, moles or melasma.) Skin will be exfoliated, sanitized, and numbing cream applied before the procedure. Soothing gel and sunscreen finish.  

Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy) Photo

Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Microneedling is an exciting treatment that stimulates the body’s natural healing response to build the skin’s collagen and elastin. Results may include increased thickness, firmness and elasticity, improvement of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, after which you will love your glowing skin. A series of 3-6 treatments about a month apart is needed for optimum results. Microneedling is known to give results similar to laser treatments, but without the heat damage. Your healing is further activated with a special targeted serum, a soothing collagen mask, and red LED light treatment to make this the best version of microneedling around!.   

The Works: Vee's Signature Rejuvenation Photo

The Works: Vee's Signature Rejuvenation

The ultimate rejuvenating facial to regain radiance, smoothness and elasticity. A gentle pre-exfoliation is followed by texture correction, deep hydration, and extraction of  impurities with the HydraFacial™ machine. A Stem Cell Peptide Peel nourishes and stimulates the skin, then a Warming Mineral Mask massage adds needed trace elements and softness. The skin is firmed, lifted, and plumped with a targeted Anti-Aging Mask, while a DermaSound microcurrent application stimulates cell metabolism. Then, red light treatment helps minimize fine lines and stimulate skin healing and collagen production. Your hands and feet receive a glycolic exfoliation and are snuggled into moisturizing mitts, leaving you feeling pampered from head to toe. 90 min  

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